The Splendor & Awe of NCC14

The Splendor & Awe of NCC14 - an Australian Pacific Tour of New Zealand

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Larnach Castle


      On Friday, March 11, 2005, we arrived in Dunedin and enjoyed a whirlwind tour of the city on board our APT coach.  That afternoon, we split up to enjoy optional activities that we selected earlier in the week.


      Lynn and I decided to enjoy a tour of Larnach Castle.  Although the castle is not as imperial as those Lynn hopes to one day visit in Europe, the owner of Larnach Castle boasts of it being New Zealand's only castle in existence.


      The castle was built by William Mudie Larnach, a merchant baron and politician, for his first wife Eliza.  In 1898, William committed suicide and the survivors eventually sold the structure.  In 1967, the Barker family acquired the castle and embarked on a long process to restore it's original grandeur.


      To afford the restoration, Mrs. Barker started first with the grounds and manicured them to a new Eden.  Then she sold tours and, over the years opened up newly restored sections of the castle as she could afford the costly process.


      At left is one of the two stone lions that stand guard at the front entrance of Larnach Castle.


      Presently, the Barker family offers tours of the castle.  Visitors enjoy a view of many of the original furnishings.  They were painfully attained.  The castle had long been emptied by the time that the Barkers acquired it.



      Larnach Castle is also an ideal setting for events such as parties and weddings.  Facilities are available for lodging and a beautiful ballroom is available for banquets and dancing.



      At left is a view of the castle through a wooden garden lattice in the garden.



      On of the many attractions of Larnach Castle are the incredible views in all directions.  The image above is from the battlements on the castle roof.


      An on-site gift shop offers post cards and colorful guide books.  In an effort to enhance the viewing pleasure of all visitors (and to sell more gift shop items), photography is not permitted inside the building.  The photograph at right is a portion of the porch surrounding the first floor.  It was taken just prior to our group actually entering the castle through the dining room.



      This immaculate gazebo featuring stained glass panels of glass in the dome is an attraction in of itself.



      At right is a mural painted on a bus stop.  The mural depicts the servants' quarters.



      Visitors to Larnach Castle are provided the souvenir pamphlet shown at left.  It relates the history of the property and provides a map of the floor plans.




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